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Financial Modeling


Most proformas lack the ability to manage investment risk by assuming only one scenario and only one set of assumptions. At Urban Build Group, we understand that market variables exist and seek to portray the true risk of a project in a state-of-the-art numerical format. We differentiate ourselves from our competitors by exploring a series of different scenarios and using cutting-edge statistical analysis, and then providing for a true range of project yield results. More importantly, we vet a true set of realistic assumptions, which combined with numerical modeling, produces a superior understanding of project returns. Once the financial modeling is complete, we recommend an optimal strategy to enhance and maximize a project's investment value in the context of your strategic objectives.

Preparation of a full brake down of the total development cost (TDC) needed to undertake the project. The elements of the brake down will include all of the necessary soft costs and hard costs from acquisition, construction, including an array of financial metrics and projections demonstrating financial soundness of project.