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Our Focus

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Urban Build Group Inc. is a real estate consulting and development consortium.
We offer a variety of consulting services to assist professional individuals and organizations with their real estate endeavors.

The Urban Build Group consortium is operated by its founder and managing partners.  The purpose of the consortium is to leverage the skills, resources, professional influences and services of its members to A.) create high quality real estate projects and B.) provide outstanding professional consulting sservices.  Associate members of the consortium will have the opportunity to benefit financially and professionally through their membership.  Qualified associate members will have the opportunity to further benefit by having either an ownership or equity stake in the projects created in Urban Build Group.



Our Focus

At Urban Build Group Inc. our focus is twofold in the real estate market place. We acquire infill vacant land to create development opportunities, using our value added concept approach, and increasing the properties worth, we sell the new development-ready property at retail to homebuilders and commercial developers. Alternatively, we utilize the same formula and assume the developers role, and building out the projects we develop.

Our objective is to discover emerging markets and uncover micro-markets ripe for development before they hit the radar screens of builders and developers. Our land and property acquisition strategy is based on getting ahead of progress and identifying opportunities where others would not look. This allows us to make opportunistic land purchases that can result in high returns for our partners and investors.

We are currently seeking managing partners and consortium members in several select cities.

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  1. Real Estate Attorney
  2. Equity Partner
  3. Investors
  4. Developer Associate
  5. Real Estate Broker Associate
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